Brace Yourself: Here comes the G5

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Brace Yourself: Here comes the G5

Post by admin13o5 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:48 pm

The next generation of the Bladerunner will start shipping on or before Nov15th 2019. The current BladeRunner and Most Popular Bundles will still be available at the current price while current stock lasts .
G5 has:
  • New dual easy-to-swap Dual Gecko modules Change modules in minutes.
  • Add 3rd dual motor driver module for 5 or 6 motors. 15 minute upgrade.
  • Dual Step & Dir "sniffer" LEDS on each module. for faster troubeshooting
  • New External accessible Table I/O 17 card with 16 inputs Single 12 pin cable for remote and 6 pin for remote relays(4).
  • Primary Side AC Soft Start . Inrush limited to 2X run current.
  • Dual AC switched outputs on the box .
  • 4 more relay drivers off the new Table I/O 17.
  • New Remote Table I/O Module with remote inputs (8) and up to 4 aux relay drivers out to table via one cable.
  • Compatible with new FT-02 single cable Ohmic Sensor and remote inputs (4) for gantry mounted homes and sensors.
  • Support for 12V optical or proximity Sensors on all inputs (has floating 12V for sensors).
  • Internal power supply stats (volts, current. temp) display in Diagnostics in CommandCNC.
  • New Direct Ethernet EBOB with ultra high speed FPGA technology.
  • New DTHC 5 piggy back module (for plasma models). Hyper Speed Torch Height. Selectable Response Profiles
  • Same high quality power components. Made in the USA Gecko drivers.
  • New optional extended warranty . Same 2 year base warranty . add one or two more years!
  • New easy field upgrade to Servo motors (avail Dec 2019)
  • Fully supports Routing/Engraving, Plate marking** , Oxy Fuel cutting**, Rotary Plasma Cutting**
  • See website for pricing and more details
** requires added external hardware not supplied by CandCNC. Support is via software and External switched outputs

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