CommandCNC 1.1 Released

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CommandCNC 1.1 Released

Post by mozmck » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:22 am

CommandCNC 1.1 has just been released with some new features and improvements.
See the downloads page here:
*** Please read the Release Notes! ***

Here is a list of the changes in this release:
• Auto-Set support for DTHC
• Added Fixture Offsets page for setting up offsets for work-holding fixtures
• Output buttons can now be customized
• Support for two more axes (U and V)
• New “Auto” setting to auto-calculate THC delay. This is on by default.
• UI rework to reduce some clutter and better fit everything on the screen
• Fixed: PN200 step-jogging with the joystick only moved in one direction
• Changes to tolerate higher latency and bad packets without following errors
• Miscellaneous other fixes and improvements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Auto-Set feature involves updates to CommandCNC, the DTHC firmware, and the 4-port Hub. The firmware needed is included in the update and will be copied to your Downloads/firmware folder during the install of CommandCNC 1.1
You will need to update your hub firmware to rev 1.8 (if it is not already at that version), your DTHC-IV version must be updated to rev 2.1, or DTHC5 to rev 1.1 There is a new POST Processor (REV 26) included and it will be downloaded to your SHeetCAM-CandCNC/posts folder
You must also have the correct combination of PWM and cable for Auto-Set to work correctly.
Please read the Release Notes for more information.

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