CommandCNC 1.0.3 Released

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CommandCNC 1.0.3 Released

Post by mozmck » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:44 am

We have just released CommandCNC version 1.0.3
See the downloads page here:
*** Please read the Release Notes! ***

This release is primarily to fix a bug in the Configurator which affects oxy-fuel configs.
This bug is quite obvious - if you create or re-save an oxy-fuel config with a recent version of CommandCNC, that config will not run, but exit with a window full of errors! After updating to 1.0.3, remember to open and save the oxy-fuel config, and it will now work.

The other change is that we removed the "Use Hardware Enable Pin" option in CommandCNC. This option had to be enabled in order for VAD (Velocity Anti-Dive) to work, but for various reasons was often disabled by default. People often miss the need to enable this option, and wonder why VAD does not seem to be working! The reasons for making this optional have pretty much gone away, so it has been removed, and the option is permanently enabled. This means there are no changes needed on your part - simply installing the update will enable the option.

Note however, if you have an early CommandCNC system with an unmodified rev1 DTHC-IV, THC enable/disable will no longer work. You will need to have the DTHC-IV modified by CandCNC to make it function with this or any newer release of CommandCNC.
Since there were not a lot of rev1 cards shipped, and we have updated many of them, we do not expect there to be many of these cases.

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