To ALL Westcott Table Owners with CandCNC hardware

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To ALL Westcott Table Owners with CandCNC hardware

Post by admin13o5 » Sun May 20, 2018 2:45 pm

In response to Emails from Westcott Plasma Tables to Owners:

CandCNC has never, at any time, refused to honor a warranty on any of our products. Warranty is NOT the same as support. Our standard warranty is for 24 months from date of purchase. It covers all parts and labor for any CandCNC unit provided the failure is not caused by physical damage, mishandling or unauthorized modification. It covers the current legal owner of a system regardless of the original source. Any in-warranty system returned to us with a properly executed RMA form off our Website, will be repaired and returned at no additional expense to the user. Units sent back out-of-warranty for repair will be charged a $100.00 bench charge for diagnostics and labor plus parts and return shipping. Support is not warranty

Per our OEM agreement, an OEM agrees to be the interface to support their customers and their equipment and we then we support that OEM. Their discount is based on the fact they are the support interface to their customer. If the OEM refuses to support the product we can be contacted directly to take that over, but at that point the OEM is no longer in the loop.

In the case of an OEM that loses their OEM status, we will continue to support those products they purchased directly from CandCNC under the OEM agreement. It does not cover units purchased though a third party.

It has been brought to our attention that Westcott customers have been told their table issues were because of poor design or quality of CandCNC equipment instead of poor implementation and poor mechanics. We dispute that accusation.

Here is our offer. To ANY Westcott customer with CandCNC electronics we will help you. Join our Support Forum like over 3600 have already, and get help on old or new systems. If you have a recent LINUX/CommandCNC system purchased from them in the past 24 months we will honor all warranties and support to you direct. You can contact us via email , web contact form, or phone and get help. As a limited special offer get a return shipping label to return a controller and/or control PC under warranty to us for free. Against our advisement Westcott Plasma loaded remote access software on the PC's that is untested and could cause problems.
    • We will update/upgrade any hardware and software and re calibrate and retest each system NO CHARGE. We will even put it on a table and send you a video!
    • We will help you get it back up and running.
    • While we can't fix a bad mechanical design, we are working on helping develop a road map to help you fix those type problems. It will consist of some testing and hardware modification
    • in some cases where Westcott chose to use other motors, may require a replacement of motors. We will make our motors available at a discount .

    With thousands of Control systems out over 12 years (many of which are still running) and a solid list of DIY and OEM customers we can prove our system not only works but is better than any other system in any price range.

    So regardless if you have an Older Westcott Plasma MACH3 based system or the newer LINUX / CommandCNC system do not feel you are abandoned, and that you have to pay a huge chunk of money to get your system to work properly. It simply isn't so! We can work with you to do a cost effective upgrade.

    TOM caudle - Owner; Senior Partner
    Fourhills Designs/ CandCNC

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