CandCNC announces new SUPER Z

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CandCNC announces new SUPER Z

Post by admin13o5 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:29 am

Nov 20 2017

CandCNC has added a new Z axis option to its product line . The unit has been in development and testing for the past 10 months and has all of the features we have learned over years of building and supplying kits to other builders that are needed in a good Z
  • Aluminum and Stainless construction.
  • Built in Ohmic Senso.r
  • Positive lift (counterbalanced) Floating Torch Holder.
  • Built in mechanical touch off and touch-off limit switches.
  • Switches pre-wired to single 12 pin barrel connector.
  • Open inputs for more sensors.
  • Single 12 conductor cable back to Table I/O connector.
  • Precision heavy duty 20mm linear slides ; double length.
  • Machined Dual ring compression torch holder bracket.
  • Full 5" stroke.
  • 16mm X 5mm (pitch) BALLSCREW for smooth , fast motion.
  • Mounting holes for plate marker (not included).
  • Optional Low Cost Magnetic Breakaway with dual E-stop sensors.
  • 3/8 Coupler for 620 oz-in motor.
  • Machined and assembled in our plant in Texas (USA).
  • Grease zerts on ballscrew and linear bearings.
  • Optional router mounts or 3P spindle mount (Jan 15 2018).
  • Available as an add-on option for Bundles and Bladerunner systens
"The SuperZX Z axis product is ONLY AVAILABLE TO OWNERS OF CandCNC Control Electronics purchased in the last 24 months ."

Because the Super Z has connections and features that only work with our input cards and software we are limiting sales to current owners or with new Bladerunner or Plazpak kits.

To the guys that have been waiting for their Super Z to ship we say think you and you will have your unit within a few days. We try not to pre-announce products prior to their being within 2 - 3 weeks of shipping but the word leaked out . :D

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