CommandCNC 1.0 Released

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CommandCNC 1.0 Released

Post by mozmck » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:17 pm

We have just released CommandCNC version 1.0
See the downloads page here:
*** Please read the Release Notes! ***

The biggest feature of this release is support for our new and upcoming EBOB motion card.
Some of the new features with the EBOB are:
  • Up to 8 motors. CommandCNC currently supports only 6 axes but more can be added. If you were to use all 6 axes and one was a gantry with 2 motors, you would use 7 motors.
  • 12 Outputs in addition to a couple used only for the DTHC.
  • 16 isolated inputs.
There are also miscellaneous improvements to the Configurator and there is now initial support for multiple languages (translations not yet complete).

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